Priceless Stories Video Biographies by Elyk Studios Photography

There is nothing more priceless than hearing and preserving the stories of those most important to us. Their words, their mannerisms, their style. It is for that reason that Elyk Studios Photography & Videography is proud to offer "Priceless Stories Video Biographies".

Our "Priceless Stories Video Biographies" capture your loved one on video telling their own story in their very own words. The history of their life and the generations before them is told, documentary style. It is fascinating to hear the memories and history of days gone by and gain insight to your ancestors' lives, including their struggles and triumphs. We include photos and momentos throughout their life from their birth up until today. We customize your video biography to your loved ones life and include any questions you would like to be included.

Our parents, our grandparents, our loved ones. Time will always go on. Make sure their stories can too.

What better gift to give your family than the gift of a lifetime.

Priceless Stories Video Biographies by Elyk Studios PhotographyPriceless Stories Video Biographies - Your Life - Captured.
Payment plans available.

"Greatest Moments" package - $499 
30 Minute interview
8 scanned photos / momentos
1 DVD in disc envelope
YouTube upload for social sharing

"In Depth" package - $649
60 minute interview
20 scanned photos / momentos
2 DVDs in disc envelopes
YouTube upload for social sharing

"The Whole 
Story" package - $799
90 minute interview
Unlimited scanned photos / momentos
4 DVDs in DVD case with custom artwork
YouTube upload for social sharing