Murfreesboro & Delaware Maternity PhotographyMaternity Photography by Elyk Studios - Delaware
You're expecting! Congratulations! 

It is so important that expectant mothers find the right maternity photographer for them. These photos will be your maternity memories for a lifetime. For that reason, Elyk Studios takes great care in making your maternity shoot a special, pleasant experience. We will decide upon a comfortable, relaxing setting for you. For some mothers, that may be in a favorite park. For others, it's right in their very own home. Once we've picked a location for your shoot, we will schedule your session. 

During your session we can play your favorite music to help keep you as relaxed and comfortable as possible. This is a special shoot and we want to make it an amazing experience for you. Short breaks are often needed for the expectant mother and this is built into your session. During these breaks, we can plan for the next scene of your shoot and you can make any outfit changes, if needed. 

Once your session is over, you will receive your proofing gallery in about two weeks. We have many options for you to preserve these memories, so feel free to talk with us to decide what's best for you.

Elyk Studios looks forward to being your Murfreesboro, Tennessee and Delaware maternity photographer.

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